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Advocates Goal Should be Comprehensive Immigration Reform

By Claudia Longo

Many immigration advocates are already saying, that thanks to them and their pressure put on President Obama, he will act on immigration…which in part is true, but without the good heart of our president their pleads would have been ignored. Can you imagine had they put the same pressure on the Congress? Obama would be signing Comprehensive Immigration Reform Law instead of an Executive Action.
Wrong strategy.
After getting all the recommendations from a team of advisors and Secretary Jeh Johnson, President Obama said, he will act as broad as possible on immigration the next coming weeks.
The Executive Action, that the president can take, would grant prosecutorial discretion on deportations only to a certain group of undocumented immigrants under certain categories. This means, there is no way for Obama to help all 11 million undocumented in the country by executive action. Only Congress can do that by changing the existing immigration law. And even then, it is possible that not all of them, enter the criteria the law would cover.
Advocates have been saying  he should give deportation relief to all, the 11 Million, but that is inaccurate and impossible to achieve through administration orders. What he has been asked to do by this organizations, is what kings do. That is why the president had said only Congress can help a bigger number of people.

President Obama will act. We should all be thankful for what he will do for the immigrant community. Whatever it is, so far it will help some immigrants living in the country without documents. Much better than what Congress and particularly The House of Representatives with a Republican majority, has done so far, which is nothing but try to pass anti immigrant bills and try to end DACA for young immigrants brought to the country as minors, not once but three times.
Obama is risking the next two years of partnership (or lack of it) with Congress by acting on his own, despite all kinds of threats coming from Republicans, including impeachment and government shutdown. And he is still willing to act because it is the right thing to do.
The job is not done until we get Reform by law. What the president can do to fix the system, is just a very small part of the real solution and it can be revoked by the next president.
I really hope we see some real pressure on Congress the next few months and even years from all the Pro Immigration Reform organizations and Activists.

But if we continue to see more “Obama didn’t deliver” bashing, there would not be no doubt that those organizations were fighting with the Republican Party against the President and our community interests, untrustingly and completely not representing the undocumented community. It is time for new immigration leadership.

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“Can’t see the forest for the trees”

By Claudia Longo



I’m one of the 11 million, speaking not just for myself, but for others like me. We believe immigration advocates have made a big mistake by not seeing the forest for the trees. Their sole focus has been on stopping deportations. Deportations are only the tip of the iceberg for us. The undocumented community feels neglected by the advocacy groups by ignoring the voice of those of us in the country working every day, paying taxes, taking our kids to school, having to drive without a legal driver’s license, paying higher prices to have our cars insured, not being able to access healthcare, among many other inconvenient situations undocumented people face every day.

Not all undocumented are JUST worried about the possibility of deportation. The vast majority are not even facing immediate deportation, which means they are still here, adding to our economy, paying taxes without returns and making America better, but at the same time, paying a high price for the “mistake” of overstaying a visa or crossing the border illegally in search of a better life for themselves and their families. That price is having to live in the shadows and without a voice in this society.

More than being angry at Republicans, who have truly hurt us badly by ignoring us and calling us names (illegals, dogs, drug dealers, drug mules, dirty, carriers of diseases, criminals, etc), I am angry at those who are supposed to be on our side. Many DREAMers and so called “pro immigration” organizations have focused on those facing deportations by saying this administration has deported more than any other in the last few years, not telling people that most of those deportations are border removals and not interior, meaning ICE IS NOT FOCUSED ON most hard working undocumented workers.

I think time has come to speak for those who are here and dream of being American. Those here who are proud of the country that opened their arms and gave them a second chance. It’s time to fight for full rights not just a temporary relief that will keep us, still, as second class citizens and continue to keep us in fear because it could be revoked at anytime. I and we … the other millions of undocumented people would like to see the advocates who say they care for us and fight for our cause and humane treatment to listen to our voice and fight for comprehensive immigration reform. We don’t have time for half measures. The time is now.

Written by Claudia Longo
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