Why immigration advocates are not reacting by defending Obama’s Executive Order?

By Claudia Longo

With Ohio, Arizona and Florida joining Governor Greg Abbot (R-TX), the number of states that filed a lawsuit against President Obama’s Executive Action, gets to twenty.
We know this lawsuit from Republicans Governors, along with last week House vote on Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL) bill to block the president’s immigration action, are only their response to please their conservative base. Even knowing the House bill will not pass a dominated democratic senate and even if that happens President Obama had already said he would vetoed, they still put up a show in order to leave Ted Cruz and his gang happy . Same thing with the lawsuit which many constitutional lawyers had said it will not go anywhere.
But we all know why they are doing it , to show their ultra conservative constituents that they are at least trying to do something to stop Obama to act alone on immigration, even if it means they waste time and tax payers money in the process.
But what really puzzles me is why many immigration advocates stay so quiet about it. Aren’t they going to defend what they have spent so much effort and time to get? Isn’t this executive action going to be defended by those who ask for it?
We have seen hecklers at Presidents Obama’s speech’s , many times, actions directed by organizations like Not1More, DRMAction, an others, asking him to “Stop Deportations” “Not one More” “Go Big Obama” and more. Now, the president has listened and is doing the right thing for the country and our communities. Why is it that I’m no seeing any bashing against those who are trying to undo what so many asked for? Why aren’t this organizations as loud with republicans as they were with our president? I just wonder..


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